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Boxing Mayweather: It's time to buy an NBA team

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Posted on: 05/05/17
According to TMZ reported that  (click Buy NHL 18 Coins) the famous boxing champion Freud - Mayweather would like to become the next Steve - Ballmer, or Mark - Cuban, or Michael - Jordan ... ... that is, he wanted to have a own Of the NBA team.

It is reported that the United States local time this morning on Thursday morning, Floyd Mayweather in Los Angeles and Lakers president magician Johnson conducted a meeting. At the end of the meeting, Mayweather left, the boxer to become an NBA team boss's interest than ever before.

"It 's time for me to buy an NBA team," Floyd Mayweather said. "If anyone is ready to sell your NBA team, please contact me.

TMZ said Floyd Mayweather's money in his boxing career was measured by "hundreds of millions", but if he was serious this time, maybe the boxer would still need to find a partner to buy it together And run an NBA team.


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