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Exposure Liverpool star nodded to join Barcelona

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Posted on: 05/09/17
Kutiniao once again became the cover of  (click NHL 18 Coins)  the Catalan media. On Tuesday, the Spanish "Daily Sport newspaper" in the cover of the headlines played "Kudiniao on Barcelona said OK" headline, said the Barcelona pursuit of a long time Liverpool players, has accepted the invitation of Barcelona, The closer it is.
In accordance with the "Daily Sport newspaper" argument, Kutiniao has given up the option to join Paris Saint-Germain, and Barcelona reached an oral agreement. He was bent on joining Barcelona, ​​for this to Liverpool pressure, in order to achieve the purpose of joining the Nou Camp in June. Barcelona, ​​ready to wait until the end of the season after the Premier League negotiations with Liverpool. But Kutiniao's worth is also very alarming, "Daily Sport newspaper" said his worth may be as high as 90 million euros.

In January this year, Kutiniao has just renewed with Liverpool to 2022, he was Liverpool middle-aged one of the highest income players, the annual salary of 500 million euros. For Barcelona, ​​the high annual salary and high transfer fee, as the introduction of Kutiniao a major obstacle.

"Daily Sport newspaper" said that Barcelona in order to introduce Kudiniao, it must pay a higher than his Liverpool in the annual salary, the economic level, Barcelona has the ability to bear this, but this amount of annual salary, the library Tigno pushed a high salary level, with the current Barcelona team Iniesta, Busquets, Pique quite second only to the members of MSN. Barcelona will look for a solution that does not break the locker room balance.

This is not to say that can not be done. In fact, Kutiniao's agent has several times came to the Barcelona club, and Barcelona senior consultations. Both sides know each other's conditions. And if the players can give Liverpool pressure, then the transfer fee, Barcelona can also use their brains, perhaps do not have to pay 90 million euros so high.


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