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German media: Bud will not return to Bayern, the next home or the Premiership

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Posted on: 05/12/17
 Schalke 04 officially announced (click Rocket League Items) that the team will not buy out from Bayern rented Zhongwei Badstuber, he will leave the contract after the expiration of the contract, according to "Sports Video" reported that under the Bard Home may be the Premier League team. According to reports, as Bayern now has Boateng, Hu Meier Si, Martinez three top Zhongwei, plus this summer to join the Poly, the team has no Bard's location space, after his expiration in Bayern Has no future, and he is likely to go to the Premier League this summer. Bud and Bayern's contract will expire in the summer of 2018, after several serious injuries, the former German international has now come to Bayern will officially bid farewell to the moment.


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