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Harden: Before that Anderson and Ariza this series will break out

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Posted on: 05/02/17
The Rockets beat the Spurs at 126-99 on the road today, leading the Spurs by 1-0, after the Rockets star James Harden accepted (you can find at Madden 17 Coins)   the media interview. In today's game, the Rockets scored double, Trevor Ariza and Ryan Anderson scored 37 points. "Before the start of this series, I said that Trevor and Ryan would play a great performance in this series," Harden said. "We do not have personalism here, and I've been saying that for the whole season, and I have nothing to do with them," Harden said of his teammates. In today's game, Harden played 31 minutes, 13 of 6 shots, got 20 points and 14 assists and 1 rebounds and 4 steals. Harden thinks they are very focused today, he said: "Every game must be labeled as this, every round should be so to fight. "It 's important, but we can not be satisfied, we have to try to win the second game, it' s important, this game is good, we must be more ambitious," Harden said. In the third quarter of today's game, the Rockets center with the Spurs inside Dwyane - Deemeng clashed, then sent off. At that time the two sides of the conflict, inside the Dade Meng in order to push away from the side of Harden, met De De Meng's neck, then within the penalty was made, Harden and Dade Meng received a technical foul. "I was talking about some crazy words, I was in support of my teammates, that is the case." Harden said. The second game will be in Beijing on May 4 morning 9:30 start.


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