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Rockets first round score: Harden leader Beverly soul

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Posted on: 04/27/17
Rockets 105-99 home victory over (click NBA Live Mobile Coins)  the Thunder will opponents out. The first round of five games, the core James Harden performed well, firmly in control of the rhythm of the field. The Rockets bench also played well and always stood out when the team needed to score. Let's take a look at the first round of the Rockets' goal.
1. James - Harden: 9 points
Series 5 games, Harden can be scored 33.2 points 6.4 rebounds and 7.0 assists and 1.6 steals. Compared to the regular season, Harden's score has risen significantly, but assists and rebounds have declined, after two field hit rate also fell below 40%. The beard's data is very dazzling, but he has not played the strongest of himself.
The first round of the game, the Thunder almost use the strength of the team in the defense Harden, but this can only be part of the restrictions Harden's play. Although the Thunder has done the ultimate, but Harden always play in the fourth quarter of the game better performance, led the rocket staged a comeback show, Harden is the rocket leader and win the guarantee.
2. Patrick - Beverly: 8 points
If Harden is the rocket's most sharp spear, then Beverly is the rocket's most powerful shield. Was the fans affectionate to become a mad dog Beverly, the first round facing a huge defensive pressure, his opposite is the Union of the new three pairs of King, Flying escape to the omnipotent little less. But Beverly not only limited the play, but also ignited the rocket's passion.
The first game, Beverly gave Wei Wei a Xia Mawei, Wei Wei hit rate limit of 26% at the same time, his 13-for-8 scored 21 points and 10 rebounds. More importantly, Beverly's mood can always detonate the rocket's home and the momentum of the rocket team. Harden is the leader of the rocket, but Beverly is the soul of the rocket.
3. Inside: 8 points
Inner rocket is the biggest surprise to the first round of the rocket, the inside of the rocket is the most obvious disadvantage, but the rise of the inside so that this disadvantage no longer exists. Although the 35-year-old has been high collar, but within the inner footsteps look more than 24-year-old Adams more chic, throwing, layup, rushing or rebounding.
G4 inside and even when for a while 100% + key Mr., one people threw the Thunder Twin Towers to help the Rockets won the match point. Although in the bench, but within the first round of the series in the first round of danger, the key moment have been left in the field can also be excellent to complete the task, so no one inside the like.
4, Lu Wei: 8 points
The first round of the series, the Rockets are many times by the bench to reverse the adversity, and Luther is the best player in the bench. The first round of 5 games, Luley field are able to cut 18.8 points and 4.2 rebounds and 1.6 assists, shooting 47.8%, third hit rate of 40.9%. Compared with the regular season, Lulei first round of the performance better.
Perhaps this is the Rocket want that the road, the offensive end of almost big bag of all the work done, the organization, a breakthrough, one-third and the killing of the wounded. Maybe Rove knew he might have lost to Gordon in the best sixth man, so he would have used actual action to show that he was not much worse than Gordon.
5. Gordon: 7.5
G5 Gordon in a dunks full of surprises, after the injury back Gordon has been very few such the world's best performance. His usual performance is to kill the inside to complete the layup, or in the outside dry pull three points. But as a shooting guard, round face of the heart still want to fly higher.
This series of games, Gordon averaged 13.6 points and 4.6 rebounds, three hit rate of 35.5%. Compared to the regular season, the round face of the data some shrink, but the critical moment of scoring ability is unequivocal, he and Lu Wei's bench guns, often the rocket pulled out from the predicament.
6. Capella: 7 points
If the starting center of the request to see Capella, averaging 7.6 points and 6.6 rebounds data is really a little less. But he averaged 2.6 blocks per game, enough to smooth the offensive end of the lack of. Capella for the rocket's most important role is to fill the defensive vacancies after leaving the World of Warcraft, the attack that are empty gifts are gifts.
After joining the rocket, Capella every year in a steady progress, most of the current round of the series, can complete their own tasks. As Harden was Thunder targeted defense, Capella and Harden with a corresponding much less. But on the defensive end, Capella has finished the task.
7. Ariza: 6 points
Ariza round of the series is barely qualified, averaging 6.2 points and 4.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists, compared to the regular season is still a slight decline. But Trevor Ariza was originally a defensive-oriented striker, his score mainly from Harden's attack. In the case of Harden was limited, Trevor Ariza this performance is also forgiven.
8. Anderson: 3 points
If the Rockets still (welcome to our NBA Live Coins site dragged his legs, it must be Ryan - Anderson. Anderson did only one thing in the first round: blacksmith. The rocket is the most important three break up, there are three games in the third hit rate of 0. Averaging 13.6 from the regular season dropped to 7.4, hit rate is appalling, shooting 33.3%, third hit rate of only 12.5%.
Even more embarrassing is that Anderson only played a normal level of the game rocket also lost, the real interpretation of what the team and the team is not a rhythm. If you can not find a third touch, Anderson was abandoned in the future is not impossible.


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