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Terry home deadlock + Oolong assists

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Posted on: 05/16/17
Chelsea at home against Waterford, Terry as the (click Rocket League Items)  captain of the starting lineup, the veteran in the days of Stamford Bridge, only a few, and in the upcoming bid farewell to the Blue Bridge, the old captain to the Blues brought a goal, but Very dramatic is that only 1 minute after the goal, Terry and played Oolong assists, which makes him also regret it, this is about Terry's imperfect game, but this is not life?
On a game, Chelsea beat West Bromwich Albion, ahead of two rounds won the Premiership championship. After the game, Terry was thrown by his teammates, enjoy the heroic courtesy. In the Chelsea career, Terry won five Premier League champions, all as captain, this is the first person in history, Terry or the history of the Premiership, non-Manchester United players, won the Premier League championship number of players. Previously, Terry has announced that it will leave the Blue Bridge after the end of the season, which means that the veteran in the team's day is numbered.
Against Waterford, Conti let Terry starting, with Ake, Zuma formed three defender. Very lucky, Terry in the first half of the game ushered in the goal, was in the corner attack, Terry in front of the opportunity to grab the break, into the first ball of the season, Terry also completed 17 The Premiership season broke the feat, only Frank Lampard, Giggs and Scholes more than him. Terry is Chelsea captain and soul, in this irrelevant game, he worked conscientiously, but also gains the goal, worthy of any respect.
Terry on a Premier League goal also dates back to 485 days before the goal, Terry is also patting his chest logo, clear his love for Chelsea. But the fate is like teasing people, 1 minute after the goal, Terry in the defense in the wrong, the header relay to the Karpai a Oolong assists. After such a gift, Terry is very depressed, he may not think of such a plot.
Chelsea this season there are two games, one against Sandro's Premiership ending war, a match against Arsenal's FA Cup final. For Terry, belongs to his blue bridge era is coming to an end, but there is no doubt that no matter where Terry go, his body Chelsea legend label will always be there, he is the legend of Chelsea, the old boy finally stick, People will miss this Jagged captain.


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