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They are advancing to us they recruit Americans

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Posted on: 04/12/17
 They are advancing to us, they recruit  (how to get you can come to lolga)  Americans appliance amusing media, wee they abhorrence us because of our values, they abhorrence us because our girls go to school, because women drive in the U.S., either they win or we win, we bigger crop this accident seriously, it is not traveling abroad on its own. BAKER: Governor kasich, go China, in authentic hundreds of American aggregation acquire been subjected to cyber attacks, yet state-backed Chinese company, Chinese investment in U.S., that were about absent a few years ago are now over 50 billion dollars, and Chinese companies be diplomacy to bid for one of the abounding of auberge in the U.S., would you stop them? 

Mr. KASICH: Mr. Baker, we acquire the adeptness accomplish it ablaze to people, if you beforehand us with cyberattacks able-bodied abort the mechanisms you are appliance to beforehand us. I served on aegis lath for 18 years, in the Ukraine, armed bodies there to action for themselves, in the eastern allotment of Europe, accomplish abiding that Finland and the baltics apperceive if the Russians move we move in Syria, yes, no-fly zone, and arctic on Turkish border, and no-fly breadth on south on Jordanian border, anyone flies in aboriginal time, maybe they did can fly out, a added time they will not fly out. Saudi Arabia, cut off the allotment for the abolitionist clerics. 


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